School Participation- Testing directions!

Lewis Elementary


Thanks to the After School Program at Lewis Elementary School of Kennesaw, Georgia, for being our guinea pigs! They were great about testing our toy-making directions, teaching us what kind of materials worked best and improving our presentation.

We made Yarn Dolls from Romania with the first graders and 
Newspaper Hats from England with second, third, and fourth graders and Mexican Cup and Balls (film canisters, 
tin foil, and string) with first graders.  A big hug to Frances Ellison, for organizing our visits.  We had fun!

Horizon School

Challenges were made and met in John Allerdice's class at Horizons School in Atlanta, Georgia. There, the students recreated a Zimbabwe Wire Moveable Vehicle, using sturdy wire and their imaginations! This toy was a small bicycle, complete with a pipe cleaner rider and a long handle to push it along the street.

Want to Participate? If you would like to help test our directions let us know.
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