Acorn People ... Tennessee

Gatlinburg, Tennessee, where this toy was found, is called "The Gateway to the Sky" because it is where the Great Smoky Mountains begin. Acorns can be found all over this state, which is why they are perfect for making toys such as these little Acorn People.

Suggested Age for Child: Children ages 5 and up.

Materials Needed:
1. Several acorns, with their caps still attached.
2. Paint
3. A small paint brush
4. Glue

1. Carefully remove the caps off of your acorns and put them to the side. You will need them later.
2. Paint a face on each of the acorns. It's more fun if you try to make each one different: a funny face, a happy face, a sad face, etc. You can paint long eyelashes, big noses, big round eyes or small, sleepy eyes. Be creative!
3. Turn an acorn cap upside down and squeeze a drop of glue inside. Place the cap on an acorn. Do this with all the caps.
4. You can paint the caps, too! Give your Acorn Person a funny hat.

How to Play:
Acorn People are fun to place around your room, just for a funny pick-me-up, or you can play with them like you would any doll. You'll have to move them around yourself, though, because Acorn People don't have any legs!

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Photo taken by Rick Strebe copyright 1997-2001