From Mexico ... Cup and Ball

In Mexico, there is a strong belief that everything has a use and a purpose. Many times, new things can be made from the refuse found in the busy streets of a tourist area such as Tijuana. Many Mexicans make their money from selling things that they make to tourists who come to visit the bustling border town. While parents whittle wooden cup and ball toys for the tourists, their children can often be found alongside them, making their own cup and ball. While not as elaborate as their parents' version of the toy, this cup and ball is just as much fun to play with. The cup is made from a common tourist cast-off, empty film cannisters, while the ball is simply a piece of balled up tin foil. This is one of the easiest and inexpensive toys to make.

Suggested Age for Child: This toy is appropriate for children four and up to make, with adult supervision.

Materials Needed:
1. An empty film cannister.
2. A piece of string, approximately 20 inches long.
3. A piece of tin foil.
4. A stick, about the size of a pencil, or even a pencil.
5. Some tape.

1. Have an adult punch a hole in the center of the bottom of the film cannister, slightly smaller than the diameter of the stick. It is important that the hole is smaller than the stick so that it will be held tightly in the cannister.
2. Push the stick into the hole with about an inch of the pencil visible in the bottom of the cannister.
3. Tie one end of the string around the pencil that is inside the cannister.
4. Lay the other end of the string in the center of the piece of tin foil and ball the tin foil tightly around the string into a ball shape.

How to Play: Swing the ball away from the cup and try to catch it inside the cup. It's not as easy as it looks!

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Photo taken by Rick Strebe copyright 1997-2001