From Australia... Giant Leaf Puzzle

Australia is not only a country, it is an entire continent all by itself! There is a wide range of countryside in Australia, from lush, green rain forests to dry, barren deserts. There are a group of natives who live in the heart of Australia. They are the Aborigines. Because there are no stores where they live, the Aborigine children make their own toys, which are usually made of something from the nature around them. Aborigine children learn about nature through a method of testing their memories and skills.

The Giant Leaf Puzzle is one such method. Huge leaves can be found where they live, some growing several feet wide! A group of children like to stand in a circle with one of these giant leaves in the middle. Someone, probably a teacher, will break up the giant leaf into small pieces of different sizes. Each child will then pick up a piece of the leaf and together, they attempt to put the leaf back together. No one wins, no one loses, but by playing together, they can put the giant leaf back together. After the last piece is placed, the children cheer!

Suggested Age for Child: Children of all ages can play with The Giant Leaf Puzzle!

Materials Needed:

1. One large leaf. There are few places that have leaves as big as the ones from Australia, but any size will do. You could also use anything like a leaf, like a huge sheet of paper.
2. You will need lots of children who want to have fun!


1. Have all the children stand in a circle around the leaf.
2. Have someone tear or cut the leaf into as many pieces as there are children who want to play. Leave the stem of the leaf and the top attached as a guide to begin. Make the pieces different sizes for fun.
3. Each child now picks a piece of the leaf.
4. Now it's up to you to find out where all the pieces go.
5. Don't forget to cheer when the last piece is put into place!

How to Play with this Toy:

It's obvious, isn't it? Just act like you're putting together a huge jigsaw puzzle. It is more fun, though, because all of your friends can play as well. If you want to save your puzzle, use tape to stick the pieces back together.

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Photo taken by Marc Mnich copyright 1997-2001