From Holland ... Pinwheel

Holland, located in the Netherlands, is the magical land of tulips and windmills. The tulips bloom from March until May but if you go there you will see that some type of flower is always in bloom. The windmills, however, perform a function for the people of Holland. (Need to find out exactly what windmills do). Children love to watch the whirling motion of the windmills, so much so that they have recreated a small version in the Pinwheel that you see in this photograph. Once you make your own Pinwheel, you'll understand the attraction of wind in motion.

Suggested Age for Child: for children ages 5 and up.

NOTE: A diagram will be necessary here.

Materials Needed:
1. One sheet of paper
2. Scissors
3. A pencil or pen
4. A pin
5. A pencil or stick
6. A small piece of cardboard, cut into a circle about in diameter.

1. Place your paper over the diagram on this page and trace the lines. Don't forget to draw a tiny circle in the middle.
2. With your scissors, cut along the dotted lines.
3. You will notice that there are four sections to your Pinwheel so far. Put the pointed tips of the bottom left corner of each section to where the dot has been drawn in the middle.
4. Push your pin through all four pieces and out the back side of the Pinwheel.
5. Push the small cardboard circle onto the pin from the back side and then push the sharp end of the pin into the eraser of your pencil.

How to Play: Pucker up your lips and blow on your Pinwheel. It should begin spinning. Experiment by blowing softly and then a little harder (but not too hard or the paper might tear). The four "paddles" of your Pinwheel should spin accordingly.

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Photo taken by Rick Strebe copyright 1997,1998