From The United States of America... Princess Puppet

The United States of America is made up of 50 states. It is bordered by Canada at the north and Mexico to the south. America is so big that it takes up a large part of the North American continent. There are cold areas in the north especially Alaska -- where it is fun to go skiing on the snow. Warmer climates are in the south, where in states such as Florida the weather stays pretty warm all year round. States like New York and California have lots of people living there while states like North Dakota and Montana have few in comparison. There are toy stores all over the United States, but the children who live there still enjoy making their own toys. This puppet is made by combining several things that you can find around your house.

Suggested Age for Child: ages 6 years and up.

Materials Needed:
1. A cardboard paper towel tube
2. Two paper cups
3. Tape
4. Scissors
5. Two drinking straws
6. Tinsel


1. Turn one of the paper cups upside down, which will be the base for your puppet.
2. Tape the other paper cup right-side-up to the bottom of the "base" cup that is upside down.
3. Pinch shut the opening of the top of the cup and tape it closed. This is the body of the puppet.
4. Take the paper towel tube and cut two 3-inch slits on each side.
5. Slip the tube onto the top part of the closed cup, which will be the head of the puppet.
6. Glue tinsel to each side of the paper towel tube these are your puppet' s arms.
7. Tape a straw to the end of each of your puppet's tinsel arms. This will allow you to move your puppet's arms.
8. Decorate your puppet any way you want. You can make her a dress, a hat, paint a face . . . let your imagination run wild!

How to Play:

You can stage your own puppet shows with your Princess Puppet. It doesn't have to be a princess, either. You can use the same instructions for any other kind of puppet, only decorate it differently. How about Prince Charming for your lovely puppet?

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Photo taken by Rick Strebe copyright 1997-2001