Sock Puppets!!

Puppets are fun because you make them say and do anything you want! We found sock puppets in many countries and especially loved the ones from country of France.

France is located in western Europe and is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the South. Its neighbors are the countries of Spain, Switzerland, Italy and Belgium. Paris, called "The City of Lights," is the capital of France and is a very old city. Many tourists flock to Paris to see such sites as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum.

Paris - The Eiffel Tower

The Sock Puppet is just one of the many toys children make in Paris. French is the language spoken there, so once you make your puppet, teach it to say "Oui," which is pronounced "wee." This means "yes". If one of your friends asks if he can play with your Sock Puppet, simply smile and say, "Oui." Toys are much more fun when shared among friends.

Suggested Age for Child: Children of any age can play with and make the Sock Puppet.

Materials Needed:

1. One clean sock
2. Buttons for the eyes
3. Glue
4. A bright red piece of yarn
5. Anything else you may need to decorate your sock puppet.


1. Place your hand in the sock and extend your fingers in the end of the sock.
2. Bend your wrist so that it looks like the sock puppet has a head. This will make it easier for you to see where the eyes and mouth should go.
3. Put a drop of glue for the two places where you want to place your eyes. Push the buttons into each drop.
4. Glue the piece of red yarn to the edge of the top of the sock and the under side of the sock so that it looks like it has a mouth.
5. Add fangs, hair, a hat, nose, cheeks, whatever else you want.

How to Play If you and your friends all have sock puppets, you can hold a puppet show. Make up silly things for the puppets to say or sing and have fun!


Photo: Rick Strebe copyright 2001

photo: City of Tea Tree Gully Library
copyright 2007

photo: Sam Zeller

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