Spin Top from Haiti

Suggested Age for Child: Ages 5 and up.

Materials Needed:

1. One drinking glass 2. A piece of cardboard, about six inches wide and six inches long. 3. One large paper clip 4. Some small paper clips 5. A piece of string 6. A pencil 7. A crayon of any color. 8. Scissors


1. Place the glass upside down on the piece of cardboard.
1. Trace around the bottom of the glass with the pencil so that you have a circle drawn on the cardboard when you lift the glass.
2. Cut out the circle.
3. Beginning from the center of the circle, draw a spiral with your crayon (see diagram). Draw one on the other side.
4. Take your large paperclip and bend it out straight. Poke the two ends through the center of the cardboard and bend back the ends on the underside of the circle to secure the clip in place.
5. Push the small paper clips into the sides of the circle (see diagram). This will add weight and balance to the top.
6. Run the piece of string through the loop created by the large paper clip in the center of the circle.

How to Play:

Spin the circle around and around, pulling the string together and apart quickly to control the spinning. See how fast you can get your top to spin!

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Photo taken by Rick Strebe copyright 1997,1998