From Romania ... Yarn Dolls

Romania is a quiet little country that has much to offer in the way of activities. You can ski in the mountain resorts, lie on the beaches by the Black Sea or go visit the mysterious Dracula's Castle in Transylvania. It is located in Eastern Europe. Big mountain ranges run alongside and through the center, with a long coastline on its eastern side. Romania has a vibrant rural culture that can be experienced by touring through its small villages. Local craftsmen sell folk art, such as woodcarvings and ceramics. Handmade items are prized in this country. People who make the crafts like to make sure the folks who buy them are buying something that gives them pleasure, not just a souvenir. It's not surprising that the values of the adults have been passed along proudly to their children. The Yarn Doll shown here is just one of the many hand-crafted items made by the children of Romania. Suggested Age for Child: ages four years and up, but children of any age will enjoy playing with a Yarn Doll.

Materials Needed:
1. Lots of yarn
2. Scissors
3. A book of any size

1. Take your book and wrap the yarn around it 30 times. This will determine how fat your Yarn Doll will be.
2. Slip a small piece of yarn through the top and tie a knot. This will be where you will hold the doll.
3. Slip the yarn off of the book and cut the ends so that they hang free.
4. Tie a piece of yarn around the top section of the yarn for the head.
5. Tie off two arms, the body, and two legs. Leave the rest hanging so that your doll has a little skirt to wear.
6. For an extra touch, braid or twist together some different color yard to make a belt.

How to Play:

Play with your Yarn Doll just like you would any other doll. You can make yarn dolls of any size, depending on the size book you use to wrap the yarn around.

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Photo taken by Rick Strebe copyright 1997,1998